I'm just a guy who loves making bass & melodic bangers <3
Also a big fan of popular culture, video games and cooking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ilya @Vimori

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As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything here lately. And not just here.

Due to the current situation of the project and the bass music industry, I decided to freeze the project until better times. I don't know how much, maybe even forever. At the same time, I don't feel any pleasure from writing music in this direction, I'm tired of it. There is a certain feeling that I have grown out of this music and I want to move on, to try something new and different. However, I will not stop loving bass music and EDM in general. Through it, I formed a social circle, made friends, was highly motivated and just loved the way it all worked out. Since this year I've noticed that the whole thing is becoming more closed and more distant, a lot of labels have closed down and almost everything is based on close friendships with CEO, A&R etc. It's very difficult to develop here, outside the West. And it's not really my style to make friends just to promote a project. But that's not important. I'm very tired. All attempts to do something with this project and bring more color and attract people to it have failed. It's giving me a lot of dysmorality. It's very sad that it's come to this, even though it started out beautifully. Just a piece of history. One that I'll be proud of, but one that will make me hurt because I didn't get to realize my potential to the best of my ability. Thank you to everyone who was there for me and supported this project. Thank you to my friends, family, loved one and idols for encouraging me to do this. If suddenly something changes, I will unfreeze the project and announce it everywhere. In the meantime, I want to focus on other projects and a different direction. And I want to apologize to everyone if I hurt or offended anyone at any time. I'm all for no disagreements. You can unfollow from me, I won't take offense, especially since it's kind of pointless to stay here and wait for something that might not happen at all. Thank you all and good luck!

Imbued with bass. ✌❤


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